15% OFF all orders in March!

15% OFF all orders in March!

Thank you so much to all who actively supported our fundraiser to help the refugees and orphans in Ukraine!  With your help we raised $511 for the first two weeks in March, not including all who donated directly to the Orphanage!

We are extending the fundraiser by offering you 15% off the entire Vika's Essentials line in March and still donate 25% of revenues from your orders. No code needed, minimum order size is $25.

Like you, I have been watching the human tragedy in Ukraine.  The situation is still chaotic and the people of Ukraine urgently need help.  Over 2.5 million people  have already been displaced from their homes.. This  is truly heartbreaking, especially knowing that my sister and her family are among them..

For several years, Vika's Essentials has supported "True Hope," an Orphanage in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine.  I can personally vouch  for the work they do.  Max is a friend and has visited our home in Minnesota.  In fact every month part of Vika's Essentials revenues are donated to "True Hope".  Ukraine is my home country and holds a special place in my heart.

One of the "why's" in founding Vika's Essentials was to satisfy a long burning desire to help Ukrainian Orphans.  I know how they live.  This is very important to me, especially now..

Here is the latest update from Max on social media: “Our friends from Poland and the USA are delivering parcels. All packages have been successfully delivered.  We distribute, pack and give to all those who need it so much.  For everything, thank God!”

If you choose to donate without placing an order with Vika's Essentials please make your donation through "True Hope's" secure website by clicking the DONATE link below, or by sending a check to: 

True Hope Ministries 
505 Underwood Lane NW
St. Michael MN 55376

I am using "True Hope" as my  trusted vehicle in passing on this help.  If you have questions about "True Hope", I am more than happy to speak with you.



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