3-Day Sale! Celebrating Our 15th Anniversary!  🎉 🥳 💃

3-Day Sale! Celebrating Our 15th Anniversary! 🎉 🥳 💃

Time truly flies! 
Fifteen years ago, my husband and I laid the bricks for founding Vika's Essentials on the Hawaiian island of Molokai. I will call one brick "passion." My whole life, I have had a passion for natural healing. Learning about and applying the ancient science of alternative medicine has always fascinated me. After all, what isn't there to love about: 

• All the marvelous aromas
• The alluring energy of medicinal plant, seed, and nut oils 
• Harnessing their healing magic 

The second brick was "desire." Since childhood, I have felt a burning desire to create something extraordinary. Up to that day, 15 years ago, I didn't know what that "something" was yet! 

Vika's Essentials became my conduit to help people with skin issues that had plagued me my entire life. The years of determined research ultimately prevailed over my suffering so that I could help others! 

When developing my first product, Vika's "Raw Cream" (still my best seller), I couldn't even imagine 30 other products added to Vika's Essentials family over the following 15 years!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting this research quest of our body's divine ability to heal holistically! Together we have created a beautiful Organic Line.

It's time to celebrate our 15th anniversary of clean BEAUTY! Please enjoy a 15% discount on the entire Vika's Essentials Skincare Collection and Free Shipping with your order of $50 or more! Use promo code 15YEARS at your checkout or this link here.
My offer expires at midnight (CST) on 1/31/2023.




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