A gift for a mean neighbor?

A gift for a mean neighbor?

A customer of mine recently had an "AH HA" moment.  Even carefully following my recommendations, she was having some occasional skin issues.  I was determined to find a way to help her!  One of my main questions was:  "Do you still use any of your chemical-based skin products"?  She replies, "Yes, I'm trying to use up all of my Christmas presents". BINGO!  If you are ready to make the transition to clean, healthy and organic you MUST say goodbye to your old chemical inventory!  Here's an idea so they don't go to waste: leave them on the doorstep of your mean neighbor (if you have one : )

On a serious note, results are what you are after and overall health.  You wouldn't be here otherwise! 

The reality is you will never actually find out what products give you the best results if you keep mixing different brands.  So I ask you to finish or set aside the mainstream retail cosmetics you are using.  Then start a simple 4-step approach with Vika's products:  Facial Wash, Facial Floral Toner, any one of my Organic Serums, and 'Moroccan Queen' Facial mask. 

Follow the directions on the labels and exclusively use them in your daily skincare routine for 6 months.  Observe the transformation.. you WILL see the difference!

Yours for healthy skin, Viktoriya


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