A lifetime supply of tomatoes with every order!

A lifetime supply of tomatoes with every order!

Who wouldn't want to receive a lifetime supply of organic tomatoes?  You heard me right. Find out how : ) 

With every order over $50 during the month of February, you will receive a packet of Vika's favorite organic tomato seeds for your garden (upon your request)! 

Now put on your dancing shoes and watch the video

These are absolutely the world's best home grown tomatoes and they come from a family farm.  How do I know?  My daughter Ruslana has been growing organic tomatoes on her farm from tomatofest.com for years.  

Every year she supplies us with a windfall of tomatoes that two of us just can't handle!  We do our best as we dehydrate, juice and can them.  Even our workers, friends and neighbors have an abundance of tomatoes during the season!

Tomatofest.com offers hundreds of varieties and I picked my personal favorites to include with your order.  Why in February?  Because it is the best month to start preparing tomato plants to be planted in the spring.  Here are tips on seed starting and growing heirloom tomatoes.  If you are a visual person, watch this Youtube video 


Remember I promised you a lifetime supply of tomatoes?  I wasn't exaggerating!  This video guides you step by step how to properly harvest tomato seeds for years to come.  Rome wasn't built in a day! 

The Tomato Seed Special and Complimentary Shipping are ON during the entire month of February (with code SHIPFREE22).  Make sure to write TOMATO SEEDS in the NOTE section of checkout when placing your order. 

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