"And the TRUTH will set us free!"

"And the TRUTH will set us free!"

My husband and I had a fantastic 3-days at the Advanced Medicine Conference in San Antonio last weekend!!!  World-class scientists and doctors empowered us with truth and exposed and uncovered many significant untruths.  VALID and proven scientific data!  We also learned about many cutting-edge treatments successfully being practiced in their clinics with REMARKABLE results!  People like Dr. Buttar, Dr. Martin, Dr. Palevsky, Dr. Cole, Dr. Quillin, Dr. Bartlett, Dr. Group, Dr. Madej, Dr. Wakefield, and Dr. Hooker to name a few.  They are true heroes, and our world needs more like them!  Remember, always ask questions about safety, follow real science, and be prepared, not scared.

Del Bigtree and Dr. David Martin were on fire! What a blessing to be among like-minded people!

Dr. Carrie Madej reminded us again:"Knowledge is power and the TRUTH will set us free!"

Blessings from my heart to your health,


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