Another five star Review landed on our web page this week!

Julie S. from Excelsior, Minnesota wrote:
"Like many women my age (40’s), I found myself dealing with recurring bouts of perioral dermatitis. Most dermatologists prescribe irritating topicals or oral antibiotics. I tried both several times, and while they occaisionally worked for a short time, the dermatitis always came back. In fact, I tried everything — changing my diet, avoiding sulfates, switching my toothpaste . . . nothing worked.
Nothing that is, until I noticed a vial of your Cold Sore "TNT" oil on the shelf at Lakewinds and decided to give it a go. I figured if it could blast away cold sores, perhaps it would have some effect on my dermatitis ( and by this point, I was willing to try anything). I put the oil on the problem areas before I went to bed, and BY THE NEXT MORNING, the dermatitis was starting to clear up. I could not believe it. I applied it twice more the following day, and by the third day, the dermatitis was GONE. I was honestly flabbergasted. Even better, the dermatitis has not come back with the same frequency or strength as it did previously. If any sign of it pops up, I dab a bit of your oil on it and it disappears overnight.
I cannot thank you enough for creating this product. It is amazing."


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