April Specials

April Specials

With warm weather just around the corner consider switching from heavier creams that you use in the winter.  I recommend lighter facial oil serums such as "Prodigal Sun", "Virgin Pearls", Anti-Wrinkle Serum, Earthly Elixir, and Sea Buckthorn if your skin is dry or normal to dry.  Use my Balancing Serum for combination (oily/dry) complexion.
With hot weather in June through August, I occasionally delay shipping meltable products, such as Raw Cream, Hand and Foot balms.  Stock up on them now in cooler weather in order not to run out later!  Just keep the extra products in your refrigerator for freshness.

Check out my April Specials below and enjoy Free Shipping with US orders over $49.00!

Achieve maximum benefits and balance from the uniquely exotic and alluring Virgin Pearls. Recommended as an evening serum for mature, dry skin, this richly restorative blend of Argan Nut, Calendula-infused EVOO, Golden Jojoba, and Sesame Seed oils strengthen, protect, soothe and balance. Helping your skin to radiate health and vitality!

"Sweet Pair" Kit is a "must-have" in the spring and summer season!  My best selling products - Certified Organic, EWG Verified oil serum "Prodigal Sun" and Propolis Myst Toner are a match made in heaven! They compliment each other perfectly.
What is special about Propolis Myst Toner?  It satisfies your skin's craving for hydration and will gently firm, tighten and restore your skin.  Pair these two together on a mystical journey and leave Father Time behind!

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Love and Blessings,
Viktoriya Hopperstad
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