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Are There Natural Alternatives to Plastic Surgery and Botox for Sagging Skin?

You probably think that I'm going to be talking about anti-wrinkle serums or the importance of skin hydration. Although they can significantly help I’d like to share a daily skincare regiment which is often overlooked or forgotten.

1. Self-Massage

It is important to use clean organic products on your face and also know the direction of the lines to follow when applying them. That’s why I highly recommend doing self-massages if you're not doing it already. Add to your daily routine 1 to 2 minutes of self-massage movements while applying creams or serums like this video demonstrates.

It will stimulate drainage for your facial lymphatic system, help to rid toxins, promote blood circulation and regenerate new cells.

2. Remember the old saying “if you don’t use it, you lose it”? Well, our face has muscles too! It's not just your body that needs a bit of exercise. Your lips, cheeks and neck do too. The following exercises are fun and very effective! Start doing them and in a month or two you will see the results, trust me!

3. This simple technique will help fine lines and crow’s feet around your eyes.

4. Last but not least – clay masks. They work wonders as a mild natural facelift. Make sure they are free of synthetic chemicals and of artificial fragrances. (Read the ingredients on the label) My favorite – “Moroccan Queen” Facial Mask. A natural fusion of minerals like silica, magnesium, potassium and calcium help tone the skin, absorb impurities, and gently exfoliate while minimizing pores. This clay mask is formulated with Moroccan Rhassoul Clay and organic lavender oil. Simple? Yes! Effective? Absolutely! Try it out, and you will notice the difference rather quickly!

Any questions? Get my FREE one-on-one consultation to learn what products will work the best for your skin type and sensitivity.

Viktoriya Hopperstad,

Founder of Vika’s Essentials

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