Blood pressure, stress and aging: my story...

Blood pressure, stress and aging: my story...

Aging is inevitable. We can't stop it.
There is good news! How we age is in our control. Our daily choices (bad habits) can accelerate biological aging. But good decisions and optimal nutrition can slow it down dramatically. We all want to stay sharp, avoid chronic diseases, and live a long, healthy, vibrant life. Oh, and we all want to look fifty-five when we're seventy-five! Not the other way around ; )
Do you know the primary reason for rapid aging? Chronic stress! It can lead to many health issues, and aging skin isn't even the worst. Last year in my Blog post "My health nightmare and recovery," I shared the story of what happened to me when my health suddenly started rapidly declining. Find it HERE
After I recovered from the symptoms described in this Blog, my high blood pressure seemed stuck with me. 169/90 didn't exactly match the profile of a healthy, vibrant person that I aspire to be : (  I was desperately searching for answers from holistic/natural medicine and reading volumes of information. I was determined to solve this with no pharmaceuticals whatsoever...

I knew that elevated blood pressure was not a disease but a SYMPTOM. I had checked all the right "health" boxes in my lifestyle: nutritious foods, regular exercise, detox, high-quality minerals, vitamins, etc. However, one "box" had a question mark: chronic stress! Yes, the root cause of my high blood pressure.
How do you attain normal blood pressure without ANY medications? Sadly 99% of all conventional doctors know little more than writing you a prescription and sending you home. No thanks! I set out to find answers for a natural solution. Over the next year, I tried holistic treatments, herbs, supplements, meditation, and prayer.

I am happy to say my prayers were answered! If I were to single out the three things that worked magic, I'd narrow them down to the following:
  • Regular acupuncture treatments
  • Practicing breathing techniques
  • Chaga mushrooms

Today I am happy to say that my blood pressure is normal and stable with the help of my acupuncture specialist - Dr. Yin. A competent, experienced acupuncturist will apply treatments to balance our body, mind, and energy. By identifying and treating our "baggage and blockages," we began to release past traumas, suppressed anger and stresses so we feel calm and normal again! I highly recommend Dr. Yin and his wife, Dr. Ding  - a 3rd generation acupuncture doctor. They practice at Sweere holistic clinic at North West Health Science University in Bloomington, Minnesota (952-856-8620).

How we breathe can control emotions, extend our lives, reverse aging. One of the best-written books I've ever read is "Breath" (The New Science of a Lost Art) by James Nestor.

Once you start reading, you won't want to put it down! I learned a lot from this book and recommend choosing the breathing technique that resonates with your body and health challenges.

Chaga is a unique fungus that grows on living Birch trees, absorbing nutrients and converting them into a bio-available source of nutrition. Chaga is a powerful antioxidant, a super adaptogen, and a soothing anti-stress nerve tonic. If you have never heard of this mushroom, it's well worth your time to research and learn. Google's search engine has a habit of censoring and suppressing many natural and holistic sources. You will find more information through other search engines.

Russian scientists have documented and published information about the incredible Chaga Mushroom for many decades. They discovered its benefits for immune support, cancer, hypertension, diabetes, acne, eczema, psoriasis, anti-aging, sleep improvement, etc.

Check out the Certified Organic Chaga/Reishi double tincture and Chaga Mushroom tea on This family-owned Canadian company offers lab-tested premium quality products approved by Health Canada. However, one must be very careful using Chaga if you are on medications!

In past newsletters, I have written about powerful stress management tools, like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), cold therapy, CBD oil, and adaptogens (Ashwagandha). I w
ould highly recommend to check them out as well.

Have you experienced noticeable aging from stressful times in your life?


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