Break Out of Your Snow Globe With Vika's Help!

As the seasons change so should our skincare routine. The cold and harsh conditions zap us of our natural oils, leaving skin dry and stressed. Add the mental stresses of the holidays, changes in routine, eating rich festive foods, and even less sunlight exposure can leave us feeling trapped in a snow globe!

                   WINTER FACE CARE ROUTINE

- remove makeup with Vika’s Certified Organic Makeup Remover;

- ditch foaming cleaners -- they're too harsh. (and yes... so is tap water). Opt for Vika’s gentle Facial Wash;

- use a gentle exfoliator a couple of times a week that doesn't contain tiny plastic beads. Always use organic such as Vika’s mild Exfoliating Facial Scrub. For extra exfoliation I make a quick mix using 1/2 tsp of scrub with a little Facial Wash on the palm of my hand;

- follow with a hydrating organic Floral Toner that matches your skin type;

- on slightly damp skin apply a thin layer of your favorite Vika's hydrating organic serums (before you apply makeup) "Prodigal Sun", Anti-Wrinkle, or Geranium-Propolis Cream. Avoid putting coconut oil on your face, especially your nose;

- if your skin is asking for more moisture at night, nourish it with a dab of Vika’s Raw Cream on top of organic night Serums such as Vika's Virgin Pearls or Earthly Elixir. Spritz with Facial Floral Toner for a final touch and feel relaxed and pampered!


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