Celebrating 11 Years

Hi, I’m Viktoriya Hopperstad - the founder of Vika’s Essentials.  Since vikasessentials.com has recently received many new followers I thought I’d re-introduce myself. 

Throughout my life, I routinely suffered from acne breakouts, eczema rashes and other types of sensitive skin issues.  Those of you with sensitive skin know how much irritation can result from even a simple artificial fragrance.  Not to mention how breakouts can effect your self-esteem!  As I got older the problems seemed to worsen.  Even expensive “high end” natural products left me with severe reactions.  Finally, I decided to find the answers for myself and looked for the answers in an alternative direction - aromatherapy and Ayurveda. 

I began an amazing journey of study, research and travel all over the world.  It is so fascinating to learn about the healing powers of pure essential oils and natural butters and oils!  Ancient civilizations have cataloged knowledge for thousands of years, why not apply this wisdom on myself?  I did and it worked!  And thus, Vika’s Essentials organic skincare was born!  That was 11 years ago.

Five years ago we chose to become a USDA certified organic company.  Since our skin is alive we believe your skin care should be as well!  Everything you apply on your largest organ - skin, goes into your body.   An Organic Lifestyle is the only choice for a better world and a healthy new generation.  That’s why our products are free of toxic chemicals or any artificial fragrances.  Our seed and nut oils are certified organic and also cold pressed.  This makes them most beneficial for skin because delicate properties in the oils are not damaged by heat.  Our essential oils are high quality 100% pure and organic.  17 products of our collection are USDA certified organic. 

If you care about your family's health you have come to the right place!  We embrace organic and natural solutions for all of your skin care problems.

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