Dry Skin vs Dehydrated: the Missing Link

Dry Skin vs Dehydrated: the Missing Link

Quite often, the terms "dryness" and "dehydration," along with "moisturizing" and "hydrating," are used when discussing skin. However, there are significant differences between the two.

The difference is simple. Dry skin is lipid-deficient. Dehydrated skin is water-deficient. Moisture comes from oils. Hydration comes from water. 

Many people believe they suffer from dry skin (lack of lipids), but in reality, they are dehydrated (lack of water). This misunderstanding is why some people feel that no matter what they put on their skin, it never feels appropriately moisturized.

Proper hydration is often the missing link in persistently dry or depleted skin. And because so many modern skin treatments disrupt barrier function, dehydration is one of today's most profound and rampant skin issues.

A combination of Flower Hydrosols (Rose Geranium and Lavender) paired with Aloe Vera (the main ingredients in Vika's Floral Toners) is one of the simplest, most gentle, and most therapeutic ways to address dehydration! 

Our supplier is a family-owned Hydrosol distillery in Washington State that grows organic herbs and produces organic Flower Hydrosols. Close your eyes and imagine the aromas from the distillation process below. If you would like a slice of this "aromatic heaven" delivered to your doorstep, order a bottle of Vika's Floral Toners. I promise you won't be disappointed!

 I recommend using Facial Toners religiously. Please apply Toner at least twice daily in summer and up to three times per day in winter. 

Integrating Facial Toners into your daily protocol will completely transform your skincare efficacy and elevate results to the next level. Your skin's pH will be more balanced and toned. 

Organic Facial Floral Toners paired with Vika's silky organic oil serums will moisturize, hydrate, and nourish any skin type. The Toners also mimic and support the skin's natural hydrolipid barrier while acting as an antioxidant treatment.

What makes Vika's Essentials Facial Toners different from the thousands of others on the market? They are alcohol-free, synthetic chemical-free, and USDA Certified organic. Vika's Toners are multi-purpose products that are integral to all steps of your skincare regimen.

Here are four ways to use Toner:

• Pre-Cleanse

The first thing EVERY MORNING, spritz Toner directly on your face to awaken and refresh your skin. 

• Post-Cleanse

After washing your face, ALWAYS spritz with Toner at least 4-5 times. Toning balances your skin's PH, hydrates, and prepares for moisturizing with serum or cream. 

• Enhance

Need a little extra? Spritz Toner on top of the applied serum and circulate with your fingers into your skin for extra absorption and locking in moisture.

• Refresh

Does your skin look dull? Spritz toner on your face in the afternoon (or whenever) to hydrate and refresh!

• Seal

After applying your Vika's moisturizer before bed, spritz Toner and massage it into your skin for the ultimate hydrating boost.

Attention to these easy steps will make Vika's Toner a product you can't live without! Make sure to select the right kind. Choose Toner for normal to dry skin for a combination and dry complexion (with an oily T-zone). For acne-prone/oily skin, select Toner for oily skin.


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