Discover Vika's May Specials!

Discover Vika's May Specials!

Enjoy 15% off Vika's May Specials with free shipping and I will throw in three free samples for all orders over $49.00!

Before the weather gets too hot you may want to stock up on temperature sensitive products like Raw Cream and Soothing Hand & Foot Balms.  We refrain from mailing them in extreme heat.  


                  The following products are 15% off in May:


  • Raw cream. Organic
  • Facial Wash for dry skin
  • Facial Wash for oily skin
  • Facial Floral Toner for dry skin. Organic
  • Balancing serum. Organic
  • Virgin Pearls Serum. Organic
  • Foot Soother. Organic
  • Beauty Mask




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