Do You Need Sun Protection for Your Skin on a Cloudy Day?

In the tropics on a cloudy day do you still need sun protection? Absolutely! I recommend our certified organic “Prodigal Sun”. It contains a proprietary blend of botanicals and anti-oxidants that help to neutralize UV radiation, free radicals while nourishing, as well as soothe and rejuvenate dry damaged skin with organic Tamanu nut oil, Sea Buckthorn fruit extract, Rose Hip seed, sesame seed, essential oils of chamomile, lavender and carrot seed.

Our USDA certified organic oil serum combines plant oils from around the world rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help you celebrate the sun, not “block” it! Your skin will feel soft, silky smooth and protected. It has a natural SPF and can be applied all over the body. Girls also love “Prodigal Sun” for its enhanced ability to attain a darker tan. I personally like to use it as my daily moisturizer and pairing it with our organic Floral Toner for extra skin hydration.

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