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Fast relief and healing for deep cracks

The story you are about to read is true.  The name won't be disclosed to protect the guilty. Let's just call him "my husband" : )

Do you know of anybody who neglects paying attention to their hands, face or feet and suffers painful cracks as a result?   I do!  Here is an extremely effective treatment that gives "the guilty" very fast relief and healing.   Because of our Vika's lab we have an abundance of latex/rubber gloves available.  You may have them around your kitchen.  Using a dropper or small spoon simply add a small amount of a Vika's Serum or Cream (listed below) into the fingers of the glove that matches the cracked fingers.   Wear these gloves a minimum of 4 to 5 hours either at night or during the day.  The oil or cream can't escape the gloves obviously and the effected area is swimming in a pool of healing love all night or all day.   Keep repeating for several days, the results will be felt immediately and hopefully "the guilty" will learn a lesson to be proactive and pay better attention to their skin.I recommend the following products for treating painful cracks on your skin:  Earthly Elixir, Sea Buckthorn serum, 'Prodigal Sun' , Seeds of Life, Raw Cream , Body Butter, 'Orange Zest' or 'Lavender Wonder' Soothing Balms.  Several of them are among my April Specials and 15% off!