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From Morocco with Love ❤️

Do you know why Argan Nut Oil is in a class all by itself? It absorbs in your
skin faster than almost every other oil!
Moroccan women have beautiful skin and have known about the magic of Argan Oil for centuries. This exceptional oil penetrates rapidly and is the perfect light moisturizer for skin, hair, and nail care.
Argan oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, including linoleic acid, Omega-6, and natural tocopherols. Excellent for all skin types!
Here are just a few benefits:
  • Ideal moisturizer for a general Body Oil or facial care
  • Provides nourishment to dry skin
  • A sebum balancer for oily or combination complexion
  • An excellent conditioner for lifeless hair, providing a shining effect
Once you apply it to your skin, you will understand why Argan Oil is
referred to as a "liquid gold" in Moroccan culture.
I have fond memories of visiting Morocco ten years ago. We had a wonderful time visiting a Woman's Cooperative, which became the supplier of our Extra Virgin Artesian cold-pressed Organic Argan Nut oil!
The two women are using an ancient oil extraction method. Watching me struggle to be of help was very entertaining to them! ; )
The most challenging part was not cracking the nuts but sitting in the same position these ladies do all day. 
Vika's Essentials offers pure Argan Nut oil. It is also a key ingredient in our USDA Certified Organic products - Earthly Elixir and Virgin Pearls Facial Serum. Both products are part of my Signature Line Collection.