Fundraiser for Ukraine! All sales support relief!

Fundraiser for Ukraine! All sales support relief!

For the next two weeks Vika's Essentials is donating 25% of revenues from your orders to help the refugees and orphans in Ukraine.

Like you, I have been watching the human tragedy of Putin's invasion of Ukraine unfolding in real time.  The situation is chaotic and and rapidly evolving.  One thing is very clear, the people of Ukraine urgently need help.  Approximately 1.5 million people have already been displaced from their homes.  

For several years, Vika's Essentials has supported "True Hope," an Orphanage in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine.  I can personally vouch  
for the work they do.  Max is a friend and has visited our home in Minnesota.  In fact every month part of the revenues from Vika's Essentials are donated to "True Hope".  Ukraine is my home country and where I was raised.  

One of the "
why's" I founded Vika's Essentials was to satisfy a long burning desire in my heart to help Ukrainian Orphans.  I know how they live.  This is very important to me, especially now.  

This morning we have received an urgent update from "True Hope"  founders Max and Amanda Fetisov regarding Putin's invasion of  Ukraine.  I was tempted to shorten and edit it.  I decided not to, this is what the letter said:

"Only two weeks ago no one in Ukraine, including me and my wonderful team, believed it would come to his.  We thought it was madness and unreal.  Now we are being attacked in cities all over Ukraine. There are explosions and as of now - casualties.

In our city, Krivoy Rog (Ukrainian: Kryvyi Rih) we can hear explosions, but so far we are safe.  Many are gathering at our True Hope Base to be together, safe and fed.  We have received many texts and calls asking if we have space to shelter more people.
                      (the stars show every location attacked by Putin so far)

Many fleeing Kiev and other targeted cities are desperately trying to find shelter in west Ukraine, only to realize that it is not a safe haven anymore.  Yesterday we made room for more people in our True Hope Center for those with no other place to go and today we will be adding even more.

This is our part.  This is what we are called to do - be a beacon of hope for this nation.

Today, I see our powerful and brave team standing strong and serving those around them. They are real heroes and giants of the faith.

Together we are ready to respond with LOVE!

We have decided to say and serve despite all the whispers to flee.

You can be a part of our team, even though you are far away by raising funds to help not only the orphans and vulnerable that we serve daily, but those who have been affected by this crisis as well. There are many effects of war - loss of lives, homes, and daily income. Right now many are standing for hours in endless lines at banks, pharmacies, stores, and gas stations.  Not everyone is able to get what they need.  We know God grieves over every loss and calls His people to be His comforting hands and feet during this time.
We thank God that the channels of communication are still open, and sending and receiving money through our banks is still open for non-profits.  The West's inefficient sanctions and "relief packages" during our suffering are not going to save us.

Obviously, God is going to have to do something supernatural to save us.

Psalm 56 has become our prayer as well:
Be merciful to me, O God, for men hotly pursue me, all day long they press their attack ...
When I am afraid,
I will trust in you.
In God, whose word I praise,
In God I trust; I will not be afraid.

What can mortal man do to me?

Now is the time to activate the faith that has been developed with us.Continue to pray and believe with us for peace in Ukraine and protection for all!

Thank you!!

Max & Amanda Fetisov

If you choose to donate without placing an order with Vika's Essentials please make your donation through "True Hope's" secure website by clicking this link DONATE , or by sending a check to:
True Hope
505 Underwood Lane NW
St. Michael MN 55376

I am using "True Hope" as my  trusted vehicle in passing on this help.  If you have questions about "True Hope", I am more than happy to speak with you.   

Love and Blessings,
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