Give Love Wings!

Give Love Wings!

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On this Valentine’s Day, give love wings.
* Write a thank you note to a friend for their love and support. Be specific about why you value their friendship.
* If you have a partner, write a love note and say why you admire him/her and how they have helped you grow.
* If you have adult children, write them a note about why you are proud of them.
* Send a Valentine’s Day card to grandchildren.
* And if you’re into random acts of kindness, get a few Valentine’s Day cards and put your favorite poem or a beautiful quote about love in it. Distribute the cards to strangers at the grocery store, at your kids’ school, or wherever your spirit moves you. The possibilities are limitless.
And remember to Love yourself. It's the foundation of "Love your neighbor as you love yourself".

Viktoriya Hopperstad

Founder of Vika's Essentials

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