Harvest Your September Specials at Vika’s!

Harvest Your September Specials at Vika’s!

Harvest your September Specials at Vika’s and enjoy 15% OFF and Free Shipping with domestic orders over $49.00!

With cold weather quickly approaching, a gentle reminder to switch from lighter facial serums to heavier creams and soothers such as Raw Cream, Body Butter, Geranium-Propolis Cream, Hand and Foot Soothers at night if your skin is dry.

"Virgin Pearls" Serum, Anti-Wrinkle Serum, Earthly Elixir, and Sea Buckthorn can be used in the morning now.  For oily or combination (oily/dry) complexion I recommend Balancing Serum as your best option.

Please, remember to take advantage of the promo for my NEW Facial Serum "Seeds of Life"- you receive a FREE Propolis Myst Toner with the purchase of the Serum!*

*Choose "Seeds of Life" and add to your shopping cart, then also add a 2 oz Propolis Myst Toner.  At checkout use promo code SEEDS, click the APPLY button, and watch the magic happen!

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