It's time for a BIG Contest!

PLEASE, help me create a Big Splash on social media with video testimonials of your favorite Vika's products.

The top five videos will each receive a Vika's Beach Gift Set Goodie Bag! (see photo) Prodigal Sun Oil Blend, Tropical Organic Deodorant, and "Roman's Kiss" Lip Balm. The gift will be delivered right to your doorstep for free! Oh wait, I am adding ANOTHER Beauty Essential - Facial Wash! For a total value of - $63.28!

A few tips: Have fun! Speak from the heart and be yourself. Imagine telling a friend or family member what you love most about Vika's Essentials and why you recommend our products. 

Please introduce yourself by first name if you wish. If not, it's okay too : )

If any of the following products are among your favorites, please choose one or two to talk about them in your video: Prodigal Sun Oil Blend, Anti-wrinkle Serum, Rosa Dew Eye Serum, Makeup Remover, or Balancing Serum. 

Here are several technical guidelines for your winning video:

1. It MUST be short (30 seconds at maximum!).

2. Video must be filmed vertically, NOT horizontally.

3. Your face and product, if you hold it, should have plenty of light. 

4. Make sure the background is quiet (no trains, planes, dogs, cows, or arguing neighbors : )

5. All videos must be sent to with the subject line Video Testimonial before August 5, 2023.

Again, most of all, have fun!

Thank you for being the best part of Vika's Essentials! 🧡

Please help me spread your love of Vika's to the world! 

I do value your opinion. Your Testimonials are a "win-win" for us both. Prospective customers learn more about Vika's Essentials, and reduced advertising costs help keep Vika's product prices lower!  

I can not wait to see your creativity at work!




Founder of Vika's Essentials

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