Hope in the Midst of War

Hope in the Midst of War

For the next two weeks, Vika's Essentials is donating 25% of revenues from your orders to help orphans and refugees in Ukraine. 

Ukraine is my home country and where I was raised. 

One of the reasons I founded Vika's Essentials was to satisfy a long-burning desire in my heart to help Ukrainian Orphans. It has always been very important to me, especially now.

For several years, Vika's Essentials has supported True Hope, an Orphanage in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine. I am good friends with Max and Amanda Fetisov, the founders and pastors of True Hope. In fact, for several years, a percentage of all Vika's revenues have been donated to True Hope Orphanage. 

Since February, living a normal life has been replaced with madness. Explosions, sirens, and death. True Hope is now in the midst of war : ( 

Many people are fleeing the country, and others are desperately trying to find shelter in Europe or western Ukraine. Many who can't leave the country gather at True Hope Base and receive food, shelter, and clothes.

Max and Amanda have decided to stay and serve despite all the warnings and opportunities to flee. True Hope's brave team stands strong and continues to help and serve. They are real heroes and giants of faith. 

This week I received an update from True Hope. "Much has changed in our country since the beginning of the war, but our message remains the same - even in the darkest of nights, there is hope!

Along with the many changes, many new opportunities have come to serve and love the one in front of us. We are now touching more lives than ever before. Please take a few minutes to watch our latest ministry update and share it with your friends! Thank you!!"

Max & Amanda Fetisov

Prayers and support have helped thousands of people during this difficult time. Even though you are far away, you can be a part of the True Hope team by raising funds to help orphans and the vulnerable. 

If you choose to donate without placing an order with Vika's Essentials, please make your donation through "True Hope's" secure website by clicking the DONATE link or by sending a check to:

True Hope Ministry

505 Underwood Lane NW

St. Michael MN 55376


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