How to use facial serums to get the results you want


Using oil serums on dry skin is one of the most common mistakes (click on an image to watch my video). It's like putting soap on a dry sponge..  If you want the best results apply facial serums over wet skin. I recommend my alcohol-free organic Facial Floral Toner, it helps lock in the moisture that your skin craves and deliver nutrients to your skin's layers.

It is also important to understand that when using herbs and oils, results take time. It doesn't happen overnight! Sometimes a month or two (for some people). There are many factors that enhance or hinder the results. Stress, your diet, hormonal issues to name a few.. I have always said beauty comes from the inside out.

Here are several Tips - “do’s and don'ts” in order to start seeing a real difference in the condition of your skin!

Yes, it may take several months to see the results (everyone has different histories of past care of body and skin) be patient, you WILL see and feel the difference! Perhaps loved ones will even start complementing your skin way before you even notice. : )

I compare skin as a mirror that reflects what is going on inside of your body. That's why addressing stress, living a healthy lifestyle, exercising, drinking enough water etc.. are all important steps in achieving great results for your skin and your health overall.

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