If your chance to save 15% is "myst" you might be "pyst" : )

If your chance to save 15% is "myst" you might be "pyst" : )

Have you tried my new Propolis Myst Toner yet?  I am getting fantastic reviews from those who have!

What does Propolis Myst do?
It satisfies your skin's biggest craving for hydration!

What else?

This tantalizing tonic gently firms, tightens and restores your skin.
Behold the unique power of Propolis and take your skin on a Mystical journey leaving Father Time behind!

Envelop yourself in luxurious hydration and release your skin from years of dullness with the powerful properties of this bee propolis tincture - the main and only ingredient of my alcohol-free formula.

I am very excited for you to try it. I know that you are going to fall in love with this gentle super hydrating tonic just like I did!

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