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Ingredients you can trust: Clove Bud oil

Clove bud oil is well known for its antibacterial properties for centuries. It also helps to relieve skin inflammation and itching.
At Vika's we use Clove Bud Oil in our all-natural and organic remedy 1s+ Aid "TNT".
"TNT" your cuts, fungal infections, abscesses, acne, insect bites, skin tags, boils, canker sores, paper cuts or warts. I have found it extremely helpful to keep a bootle in my cosmetic bag at all times, especially when traveling.
All-natural and organic 1s+ AID "TNT"  is formulated with powerful Bee Propolis extract and infused with Tea Tree, Clove bud and Frankincense essential oils.
Just like for Cold Sore "TNT" I offer a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee for this product.  I'm that confident in the results!