Keep Your Skin Well-Balanced!

When it comes to skin care, the word “balance” is used quite often. It makes sense, because our skin is happiest when it is balanced! How do we achieve balance? What exactly are we trying to balance? Since balance is such an important part of healthy and happy skin, I thought I would break down what exactly the beauty world is talking about and how to achieve it for yourself.

Our skin is a protective barrier. It serves to keep bacteria and dirt out of our bodies and to keep healthy nutrients in. It is also a detoxifying organ, through sweat and excretions of oil our body purifies itself from the inside out, ridding our system of toxins. In an ideal world, our skin maintains a healthy production of sebum (oil) naturally, just enough to lubricate the skin and protect from infection and pollution. However, when we have an overproduction of sebum (caused by many factors including skin type, diet, hormones, climate) our skin becomes imbalanced. This can result in blemishes and a shiny appearance. This is what we talk about when we say balance, or lack thereof.

Keeping your skin well balanced using organic and natural ingredients is the key to healthy, younger looking skin. The founder of Vika’s Essentials organic skincare shares beauty tips on balancing combination skin.


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