Love the Skin You Are In!

Have you ever thought about importance of rest for your skin?
In the average day we may find it challenging to create truly restful moments. Self-care offers an opportunity to slow down, indulge your senses and simply be present with your skin..  Love your skin and self-massage your face and neck to nourish a peaceful connection to the present moment..
Before applying an oil or serum feel the texture and breathe in the aroma.
After a few deep breaths and your spirit calmed apply the serum with oiled fingertips to your face as gentle as you would touch a flower’s petals..

Before leaving this moment, bring your hands to your face, delicately cover your closed eyes and take one more deep breath.  Envision the rest of your day feeling peaceful and joyous. If you feel any stresses or concerns, inhale the aroma of the oils and slowly exhale to release them..
                     Giving love to your skin means loving yourself!
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