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Meet Vika's Essentials Oldest Model!!

This month I had the pleasure to visit Vika's Essentials oldest model!  We had photoshoots, and I took many videos of her.  She shared stories of her life and secrets to beating "father time."  Let me introduce  "Valentina."

Valentina's photo above was actually taken 75 years ago when she was just 18! Today?  Here are my Mom’s photo taken just few days ago : )

Since I started research and experimenting with my own creams and oil blends 13 years ago Mom has been my model, judge and critic!  I have to confess she isn't much of a "critic".  She loves everything I have made.  So I can't really count on her feedback.  : )

Born in February 1928, she had a life of hardship and scarcity like many of her generation's people.  But through all her almost 93 years, she has preserved a spirit of optimism, an active lifestyle, healthy eating habits, and strong faith in God.

Her glass is always full, no matter what : )

Mom lives by herself in her condo on the 7th floor in Dnipro, Ukraine.  She cooks her own meals every day, walks 30-60 minutes outside, reads her Bible, and talks on Viber with her grandchildren and great  grandchildren in France, United States, and Russia.

Mom fixes all her healthy meals from scratch, including smoothies and homemade yogurt.  

She loves children, having been principal of a grade school for over 30 years in Dnipro, Ukraine.  These days Mom cares for her family of 30 plus plants every day!


  If you wondered what Mom's favorite     products are, she loves Raw Cream,   Earthly Elixir, Body Butter, Sea Buckthorn   and "Prodigal Sun" Serums, hand & foot   soothers, and Natural Perfume "Parfum de   Passion."