My health nightmare and recovery

My health nightmare and recovery

I want to share a story that has nothing to do with skincare.  It's about my complete recovery from a long list of terrible symptoms, which I started experiencing about eight months ago.

I consider myself a very healthy, energetic, happy 64-year young woman who eats a nutritious diet, exercises regularly, and takes no medications whatsoever.

About one day after returning from a very stressful trip to Ukraine taking care of my dear paralyzed Mom, I was on the way to see a chiropractor.  Suddenly, the road I was driving turned into a narrow strip and started spinning very fast.  I couldn't see where I was going... Yes, I was scared! I pulled the car over to catch my breath and come back to my senses.  I closed my eyes for a few minutes, and the strange symptoms vanished.
Since that episode, my health started a downward spiral every day. Migraine-like headaches, dizziness, terrible fatigue, high blood pressure, heart arrhythmia, difficulties concentrating and focusing, memory loss, and trouble sleeping.  All these symptoms I had never experienced before became part of my daily life : (  When I looked in the mirror, I didn't recognize the stressed woman with dark circles under her eyes looking back at me.

I felt like I was dying.. 

I visited a local functional medicine doctor and a regular doctor.  After many tests, there were still no answers that made any sense to me.  The initial diagnosis of vertigo was wrong, and all tests such as blood, EKG, brain mapping, etc.. were ok.

I figured my only hope was praying and asking for God's wisdom and healing.  I created a recovery protocol from all the holistic modalities I could think of: acupuncture, acupressure, herbal plants, supplements, special breathing exercises, cold therapy, light therapy, infrared sauna, prayers, meditation, etc.  After two months, I felt a little better but was still was struggling and feeling depressed because I couldn't figure out the missing piece of the puzzle : (

In January, we traveled to Mexico for our annual 2-month stay.  After stepping onto Mexican soil, most of my symptoms disappeared on the first day!  My elevated blood pressure vanished a few weeks later and was back to normal.  Hurray!!!  God was answering my prayers!  I enjoyed long walks on the beach, bathing in the morning sun, and swimming in the ocean.  I felt happy and alive!!  My worries of an undetected serious illness evaporated.

When we returned home in March, it wasn't long before my symptoms were back... Oh no, not again!  Now the answers had become more apparent: the invisible trigger of my illness must be from inside our home!

I have known for a long time about my sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation.  I can't sit in front of a computer or talk on my cell phone for a long time without feeling out of balance.  I decided to start by taking measurements in the bedroom using an EMF and radio frequency meter called TriField.  It was highly recommended from a book written by Lloyd Burrell, "EMF Practical Guide."  Little did I know when reading this book, it would save my health and add years to my life.  

The simplest immediate solution was to sleep in a different bedroom far removed from the dangerous zone.  Also we shut off bedroom electrical breakers and turn off our wi fi router at night.  Guess what?  Gradually all my terrifying symptoms went away!  The root cause was an invisible enemy that you can't smell, touch or see.

I am bringing attention to my experience and subsequent recovery in case you or a loved one are experiencing similar health issues or symptoms.  Knowledge is power and to navigate the storm we must know which direction the wind is blowing!

From my health to yours,


owner and founder of Vika's Essentials


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