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Nature's antiseptic marvel

One of the steps of making bee propolis extract: steeping propolis in organic alcohol for 2 weeks.

What is propolis anyway?  Bee propolis is nature's antiseptic marvel! Bees in an effort to close the gaps in hives use propolis as a precautionary measure to keep out bacteria and fungi. Propolis contains flavonoids - super potent antiseptic properties that may fight inflammation and viruses, and contribute to a healthy skin. At Vika's we use in-house made bee propolis tincture (extract) as one of the main ingredients in our natural remedies for cuts, wounds and acne.  It is also one of the ingredients in Geranium-Propolis moisturizing cream.   To learn more about our 100% plant and natural ingredients and get 10% discount with your first order, join our mailing list here