New Product Just Launched!

I am delighted to launch my newest product - Vika's Body Oil!
Why Body Oil
Customer feedback is clear that demand for a product without essential oils is increasing. More and more people are suffering from skin allergies.
I also wanted to create a blend that would be safe during pregnancy, nursing and for the baby. A week ago we had a 5th grandchild added to our family.. little Leo!
A simple organic moisturizer was born as well!
You may have noticed that in summer our skin is not nearly as dry as in winter. My goal was to formulate a blend that was light and easily absorbed. These three ingredients immediately came to mind.. Almond oil, Apricot kernel oil and Coconut oil.
Now you can indulge your body in a decadent nourishing calm!
Order Body Oil before August 15 and save 15%!


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