Optimize your skin hydration with this simple ritual

Optimize your skin hydration with this simple ritual



Why are Toners so crucial for skin?

Integrating Facial Toners into your daily protocol (primarily when used with Oil Serums and moisturizers) completely transforms your skincare efficacy and elevates it to the next level.

These slightly acidic plant waters balance the pH of the skin, plump, and tone. They deliver gentle, therapeutic compounds from the plant into the skin.

Remarkable plant waters (Flower Hydrosols and Aloe Vera gel in our organic Facial Floral Toners) pressed together with silky oil serums moisturize, hydrate, and nourish any skin type.

When paired together with an Oil Serum, they mimic and support the skin's natural hydrolipid barrier while also acting as an antioxidant treatment, toner, and moisturizer in one.

Oil Serum + Facial Toner's daily ritual works in synergy with Oil Serums to anchor in moisture.  It allows your skin to self-regulate, self-protect, and adapt.

While many people believe they are suffering from dry skin (a lack of lipids), they are dehydrated (a lack of water).  A combination of Hydrosols and aloe vera gel (main ingredients in Vika's Toners) is one of the most simple, gentle, and therapeutic ways of addressing dehydration.

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