Our All-Time Favorite Travel Companion

Let me introduce you to my all-time favorite travel companion – “Moroccan Queen” Facial Clay Mask

Its main ingredient is Rhassoul clay which is my favorite clay. Mined from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, it has a unique ability to absorb impurities and excess oil from the skin. High concentrations of silica, magnesium, potassium and calcium minerals improve skin tone and elasticity while stimulating circulation, tightening pores and leaving your skin silky smooth and clear! Moroccan Rhassoul clay has fantastic cleansing and detoxifying properties that can visibly improve the appearance of your facial skin within minutes! Most importantly, our mask is free of synthetic chemicals and artificial fragrances, alcohol and anything that is harmful to your skin. There are only three ingredients in it: an amazing Moroccan Rhassoul clay, pure organic lavender oil and distilled water.

Your skin deserves only the best!