Our choices matter on our journey to health and well-being

Our choices matter on our journey to health and well-being

Vika's Essentials is NOT just another skincare company that appeared on the horizon 12 years ago.  What are the major reasons making us different and why you should even consider choosing us over any other skincare?

1. Our products are certified organic and verified by TWO third parties (USDA and EWG) as being the safest products on the market today.  What does this mean to you?  Peace of mind for you and your family.  Does this make it worth paying extra?  You decide! : )

As you might know, regulations in cosmetics have not been updated since the 1930s!  Many companies claim that they make "natural" products but still are allowed to use a lot of harmful chemicals.  Many questionable ingredients affect a woman's hormonal and endocrine systems create chaos in the body and eventually lead to illnesses.   

Please check out every one of your skincare product ingredient list.  Then do an easy Google search for those listed and read side effects.  Many people are horrified at the chemicals used in the big brand "go-to" products they have used for years.  I ask you please do your own research!  Only then you will understand.   

2. Our prices are lower than other organic skincare companies.

Checking the prices for high-end exclusive certified organic skincare (that is who we are) make sure and compare apple to apples.  I guarantee you will not find lower prices than ours!

Why is this?  We do not use middlemen (distributors)!  We do our own marketing to keep product prices down for our customers.  We have not raised prices since 2016.  Our main competitor Evan Healy just recently raised prices again 23%!

We choose to stay a family company in order to preserve our high standards of craftsmanship and stay away from a mass-production.   


I use exclusively cold-pressed organic seed and nut oils, that are not overheated or deodorized.  Our suppliers are from the US and Europe, not from China. 


You can find less expensive organic products on the market which have 3 or 4 ingredients.  Simple formulas with plain ingredients.  Do you know if their ingredients are cold-pressed?  No, it is not usually disclosed!

In my formulas (many based on aromatherapy) I use a wide variety of seed & nut oils along with organic essentials oils (rose oil, sandalwood, geranium, carrot seed, chamomile, helichrysum, ylang ylang, calendula, rosemary, lavender, fennel, tea tree, orange, etc).   

How effective are they?  I encourage you to check out customer reviews and testimonials on Vika’s Essentials web site, social media, and Google.


A prayer. We pray over each batch we make (find the Prayer on our website).  It reflects our core values and we believe it sends the frequencies of love and energy into the ingredients we use.

There are many beauty products claiming to be the best.  How do you know which one is most suitable for you?  We are all different with unique skin types, sensitivities, and issues.  What works for a friend, co-worker or your Mom is not necessarily what will work for you.  That’s why personal consultation can play a huge role!  Send me an email to schedule your FREE consultation today!  I am happy to help! 

Love and Blessing, 




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