Quarantine Quandary?  Make Your Home a SPA!

Quarantine Quandary? Make Your Home a SPA!

Pamper yourself in the comfort of home!  Vika's SPA is open.  Enjoy my short video tutorials on getting the ball rolling.  No “quarantine quandary" for us!  : )

Here are a few more SPA ideas!

These simple and fun daily facial exercises will improve your mood and appearance:

3-minutes for your face

3-minutes for your lips and cheeks

3-minutes for your eyes

3-minutes for your neck

3 to 5 minute facial self massages are an easy and important part of your beauty regime to keep wrinkles at bay.  Along with softening, facial massages stimulate blood circulation and remove dead skin.

Here is a link to one of my favorite:

Facial Contouring Massage

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