Secrets of a gorgeous 60 yr old!

Let me introduce you Catherine.  This gorgeous woman has been our customer for many years.  She is also Vika's Essentials brand ambassador and loyal promoter of our organic products.  Believe it or not Catherine is in her 60's!!  I asked Catherine "what is the secret to your young healthy glow"?

She smiled and this was her answer..

"For me staying young at heart, grateful and resilient is the key to aging gracefully.  Taking care of my skin with Vika's Essentials pure, nourishing oils is my daily routine.  Of course eating an Organic plant based diet, adding whole food antioxidants, probiotics, staying hydrated, sleeping well and engaging in moderate exercise is so important to staying vibrant.  I try to incorporate massage, yoga, relaxation techniques into my daily schedule.  Grounding, red light and sauna therapy along with nutrients and herbs for detoxification have been my mainstay for the last 15 years. The challenge is always to not get overwhelmed and take one step at a time.  Love is the key!"

Catherine, I could not agree more!!
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