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Skin looking tired or dull? Help is here!

Are you noticing signs of your skin looking dull, tired or grayish while aging?  Wondering why?  Poor blood circulation might be a major reason!

Here are several tips for you to help increase blood flow and support optimal circulation:

  • on a daily basis use facial oil serums and toners infused with essential oils, like rose, geranium, carrot  seed, frankincense, sandalwood, lavender, rosemary, ylang ylang.
  • practice 1-2 minute self-massage (morning and night) while applying facial oil serums or creams.  Click on the link to start implementing it in your daily regimen.
  • use "far infrared" light on your face twice a week as described in my Newsletter several months ago.
  • spend 20-30 minutes a week in sauna.