Spring ritual for younger looking you!

Spring ritual for younger looking you!

After the hibernation and stagnation of winter, our skin may be left dull, dry, and imbalanced.  Let Spring be a time for us to infuse, enliven and harmonize our skin.  Now is the perfect time to refocus and implement a "TLC" skincare routine that manifests a healthier, younger looking you!  

I have created a simple, refreshing and nourishing spring ritual that will empower your skin to thrive during these blossoming spring days.

Awaken. Hydrate. Nourish. Rejuvenate. Purify.  Let's do this!

                         Pillars of our Spring Skin Ritual   

                                  with  Facial Wash


After a harsh winter, skin is left in a state of imbalance and likely distressed.  My Facial Wash meets the task at hand, guiding skin back to a state of harmony and balance.  Featuring one of our most cherished skin allies, Aloe Vera Gel, this cleanser helps skin adapt to stress and change while regulating moisture content.  This unique cleanser combines clay, essentials oils, organic vegetable glycerine, and aloe vera gel.  Since it contains no wax, Vika's Facial Wash won't leave a film on your skin as many cleansers do.

                                           with Facial Floral Toner


Like all of my products Facial Floral Toner is 100% plant-based.
Mist regularly throughout the day for blemished or irritated skin. Incorporate into your daily spring routine and use with any of my organic facial oil serums to help lock in moisture.

•    Alcohol-free Facial Toner captures the powerful essence of   Geranium and Lavender Hydrosols!
•    Absolutely no synthetic preservatives and artificial fragrances!
•    Highly moisturizing, anti-bacterial and great for any skin type.
                                     with organic facial serum
Celebrate the sun and recharge your skin with Vika's nourishing 'liquid sunshine'!  I recommend 'Prodigal Sun' for proactive skin hydration to relieve redness and dryness after your fun in the sun!  This serum has become a customer favorite as a 'go-to' anytime, anywhere moisturizer.  Close your eyes and channel the tantalizing fusion of Chamomile, Carrot Seed and Lavender Essential Oils, cold-pressed Sesame Seed, Coconut, Tamanu Nut, Rosehip Seed, and Sea Buckthorn Oils.  You will want to sleep with the bottle under your pillow!

•    USDA Certified Organic and EWG Verified™
•    No synthetic chemicals and artificial fragrances!
•    Luxurious hydration formulated for before and after sun exposure!
•    Helps soothe and relieve redness and dryness after excessive sun exposure.
                                          Spring Skin Ritual
                                                D A I L Y

  • Begin with moistening your face with three to four splashes of warm water.
  • Press one pump of the Vika's Facial Wash that matches your personal skin type.  Blend in your palms and massage all over your face in upward circular motions.
  • Rinse with cool water and pat dry.
                                          Hydrate & Nourish
  • After cleansing, mist your face with Facial Floral Toner.  Do not dry.  
  • In the palm of your hand, press one to two pumps of the Vika's organic serum that matches your skin type.  Gently massage the serum over your misted face.
  • If dry skin, mist face again and repeat.
                                                 Extra Support

Optional step for extra-dry skin: apply a thin layer of Vika's Geranium-Propolis cream all over your face and neck area if skin is craving more moisture.
Nourish delicate skin and soften fine lines under the eyes with a time-stopping botanical bouquet of Rose, Chamomile, Carrot Seed, Fennel Seed, and Lavender carefully combined for you in Vika's rejuvenating  Rosa Dew serum.

The heart of our skincare ritual is frequent clay masking.  Clay is the "secret ingredient" that helps magnify our skincare ritual and enhance results to the next level.  Isn't that what we want?  

Clay works to actively draw out metabolic impurities from your skin's pores while soothing and softening skin without irritating or dissolving the epidermal layer.  

Weekly masking with Vika's Moroccan Queen is ideal for dry, combination, or sensitive skin.  It refines the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and pores.  Gentle enough to be used in the morning and start your day with a healthy glow!  Regular exfoliation through clay masking is a perfect addition to your year-around skincare routine.  Mask one or two times weekly.
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