Suffer from skin issues such as rosacea or eczema?

As you know skin is not only our largest organ but also one of the organs our body uses to eliminate toxins.  I like to compare our skin to a mirror which reflects what is going on in our bodies. Thus skin issues are usually an internal problem relating to our diet, toxicity level, hormonal imbalance or how we manage our stresses.

Over the last 40 years I have suffered with dermatitis, seborrhea, eczema and even skin cancer.  I completely changed my diet and applied the techniques I suggest below along with an exercise routine, detox, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) on a regular bases.  Of course switching to clean organic skin care products helped as well.  

A great starting point would be to eliminate processed and fried foods, chemical additives and begin a cleansing detox program by drinking green smoothies and vegetable juices with a small amount of fruit.

Using an elimination diet is an excellent way to figure out what triggers your skin issue.  What does does mean?

First, try to go 2-4 weeks totally eliminating sugar from your diet.  Watch what is happening: your energy level, your skin, etc.  Make sure that you completely eliminate sugar, not just reduce the amount of it!  Read the labels on the packaging to make sure that sugar or corn syrup are not among the ingredients.  Many people find results or answers in 1-2 weeks.  Be patient, there is hope!

Try another 2-4 weeks being gluten-free.  Make sure to monitor in your diary what is  happening.

Try another 2-4 weeks to be dairy-free and note changes you experience with your skin, energy level and your mood.

Eliminating what triggers your condition is the KEY!  The trigger may be  different for all of us.  Listen to your body, do your own research and find what works for you personally!  

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Some of my organic products will definitely help your symptoms (like redness, itchiness, etc.).

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