A Superstar Mineral for Happy Skin

A Superstar Mineral for Happy Skin

Recently, a customer picked up her order and asked what else she could do for her skin besides using Vika's. I responded, "There are many things you can do!"

To name a few: intermittent fasting, plant-based diet, stress management, breathing techniques, physical exercises for hormone balancing and a good night's sleep, facial self-massage, red light therapy, sauna benefits for a skin detox, sound therapy, grounding, cold shower therapy, a connection between the health of your IG and your skin, facial exercises, dry brushing, etc.

Yes, each of these ideas takes some time to learn. However, even applying some of them in your routine will result in a healthier glow and younger-looking skin while significantly improving your immune system, energy level, brain function, etc. Does this sound appealing to you? 

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Let's talk about Zinc, a crucial trace mineral that plays a vital role in our health. Everybody has heard how good collagen and retinol are for skin health, but they are far less effective without Zinc! Researchers have found that Zinc is required for the liver to release vitamin A and to convert vitamin A to retinol.

Zinc is a crucial mineral that your body needs. According to the Harvard School of Health, Zinc is necessary for almost 100 different enzymes to carry out their vital chemical reactions.*

Zinc is also essential for combating man-made EMF (electromagnetic radiation) exposures. Many people are deficient in this trace mineral. This deficiency can be caused by chronic stress induced by man-made EMF exposures, which depletes zinc levels in the body. A simple at-home test can quickly determine if you have low zinc levels.

Look at your fingernails. If there are spots, lines (vertical or horizontal), or any "spooning" (where they curve up at the end), your zinc levels may be very low. Pay attention to these warning signs, as low zinc levels can lead to significant health problems such as brain fog and low immunity. However, if caught early, you can easily prevent and even reverse these issues.

I prefer Zinc from Global Healing company. Their Certified organic liquid bioavailable formula is derived from guava leaves and is all-natural and gentle on your stomach. Unlike most zinc supplements made with synthetic mineral forms, GH's Zinc is naturally bound to plant proteins and amino acids, so your body can use it efficiently to invigorate your immune system, encourage hormone balance, and fend off premature aging.

You are certainly welcome to do your own research on the best source of Zinc for you. 

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