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Two of Vika’s Top Sellers 25% off!

by Viktoriya Hopperstad
Yes, you read correctly.  25% off two of my best sellers, Vika's Facial Wash and  Anti-Wrinkle Serum, is a nourishing dream combo that your skin wi...

Vika’s tips for a good night’s sleep!

by Viktoriya Hopperstad
It's not a secret that a quality night's sleep is essential for our immune system, mood, and how we look in the morning. Who wants bags under their...

Take your cleansing ritual to the next level!

by Viktoriya Hopperstad
                                 5 Reasons You Need to Exfoliate 1. Boost radiance Did you know that our skin naturally renews itself every 28 days...

Treat your skin with the care it deserves!

by Viktoriya Hopperstad
Vika's Essentials non-foaming water-based facial wash formulated with all natural and botanical ingredients, including aloe vera and high quality...

My birthday present is waiting for you!

by Viktoriya Hopperstad
  Dear friends! I hope you will enjoy my birthday present! 15% off my entire Vika's Essentials collection and Free Standard Shipping on all domes...

Optimize your skin hydration with this simple ritual

by Viktoriya Hopperstad
    Why are Toners so crucial for skin?Integrating Facial Toners into your daily protocol (primarily when used with Oil Serums and moisturizers) c...

Vika's Q&A

by Viktoriya Hopperstad
Part of our commitment to you is providing exceptional service, paying close attention to our customers' concerns or questions about using and stor...

Does Vika's Essentials use retinol?

by Viktoriya Hopperstad
Retinols are seeing a surge in popularity right now, reflecting the ever-changing tide of skincare trends. It is prescribed across the board as a s...

Meet Vika's Essentials Oldest Model!!

by Viktoriya Hopperstad
This month I had the pleasure to visit Vika's Essentials oldest model!  We had photoshoots, and I took many videos of her.  She shared stories of h...