Dark aging spots? Not in my world!

by Viktoriya Hopperstad
Very often I get questions about how to get rid of dark aging spots.  So I thought I would empower you with a few ideas of how this problem can be ...

New Product Just Launched!

by Viktoriya Hopperstad
I am delighted to launch my newest product - Vika's Body Oil!Why Body Oil? Customer feedback is clear that demand for a product without essential o...

Love the Skin You Are In!

by Viktoriya Hopperstad
Have you ever thought about importance of rest for your skin?   In the average day we may find it challenging to create truly restful moments. Self...

"Tzar berries"

by Viktoriya Hopperstad
These gorgeous berries are well known and has been extensively used as medicine in Europe and China for hundreds of years! Relatively not long tim...

Our Big Accomplishment

by Viktoriya Hopperstad
We are proud to announce that five products of Vika's Essentials organic collection are now EWG VERIFIED™! Keeping up with our commitment to health...