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New Product Just Launched!

by Viktoriya Hopperstad
I am delighted to launch my newest product - Vika's Body Oil!Why Body Oil? Customer feedback is clear that demand for a product without essential o...

A Must-have when travel

by Viktoriya Hopperstad
Click on an image below to watch our customer's Testimonial. "TNT" your skin infections, acne, cold sores, nail fungus, insect bites, boils, small...

Let's Celebrate Mom!

by Viktoriya Hopperstad
It's time to show Mom or someone else's Mom some extra love!To make it easy to give Mother’s Day love, we're giving you 15% off all Vika’s prod...

Earth Day Flash Sale! This Weekend Only!

by Viktoriya Hopperstad
We have only one Earth and one body so let's start taking better care of both and make every day an Earth Day! 15% OFF + Free Shipping with your...

A Mark You Trust!

by Viktoriya Hopperstad
Spring is a marvelous time to make the switch to all organic beauty products, you are worth it!  With thousands of personal care and consumer pro...

Start and Finish your Day with This!

by Viktoriya Hopperstad
From watching my video you now understand why you can't live without a natural facial wash/cleanser!For those  of you who haven’t tried my Facial ...

Our Big Accomplishment

by Viktoriya Hopperstad
We are proud to announce that five products of Vika's Essentials organic collection are now EWG VERIFIED™! Keeping up with our commitment to health...