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Vika’s tips for a good night’s sleep!

by Viktoriya Hopperstad
It's not a secret that a quality night's sleep is essential for our immune system, mood, and how we look in the morning. Who wants bags under their...

Indulge in Vika’s “Misting” Magic.. 15% and FREE shipping!

by Viktoriya Hopperstad
  Our skin is crying for hydration. Vika's Toners are the "rescue team" that saves your skin with.. moisture! What makes our toners unique from th...

Featuring 'Virgin Pearls' Serum!

by Viktoriya Hopperstad
    Vika’s Certified Organic 'Virgin Pearls' Serum is one of May Specials and 15% off!  Experience the blissful calming energy of this heavenly b...

Discover Vika's May Specials!

by Viktoriya Hopperstad
Enjoy 15% off Vika's May Specials with free shipping and I will throw in three free samples for all orders over $49.00! Before the weather gets too...

I have good news and bad news..

by Viktoriya Hopperstad
I have good news and bad news. The bad news is both the bugs and bears are coming out of winter hibernation. The good news is I can help you with t...

Make every day Earth Day!

by Viktoriya Hopperstad
Happy Earth Day!  Did you know that by choosing Vika’s Essentials, you are supporting your own health and our planet’s health? The chemicals t...

Vika’s “Star from afar”

by Viktoriya Hopperstad
                   “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished” - Lao Tzu Why are there 80 ingredients in Vika's Essential's lab from al...

Vika's "Healing Oils of the Bible"

by Viktoriya Hopperstad
Did you know there are over 1000 references to essential and plant oils in the Bible? In fact, healing oils were used by many cultures such as the ...

Treat your skin with the care it deserves!

by Viktoriya Hopperstad
Vika's Essentials non-foaming water-based facial wash formulated with all natural and botanical ingredients, including aloe vera and high quality...