Take a deep breath!

Take a deep breath!

Today I would like to talk about BREATHING.

You may not realize it but the connections between your stress levels and HOW you breathe are fascinating!  These connections give us insight to what you CAN control and do.

If you’ve never tried breathing exercises on a consistent basis, you most likely don't know all the amazing benefits.  
I love breathing practices because they're very effective, take only a matter of minutes and also free!

Stress is one of 16 root causes that can drive and worsen skin rash conditions.  We may not be able to eliminate everybody or thing that cause stress in our lives.  This is all about doing something to lower or eliminate the stress in OUR body.  Yes,
take a deep breath... you can do this!

As stress levels rise, we tend to take shorter and shallow breaths that only fill the upper portion of the lungs.  When we take long, deep breaths it actually signals to our mind that we are safe and that everything is okay.
Here is the "Five Count  Breath" that clinical nutritionist Jennifer Fugo (one of my favorite skin experts) shares that reduce stress levels in 2 minutes or less! click here

Here is another 4-7-8 Breathing Exercise that  Jennifer recommends for stress relief  click here

Find more of her tips on how to start breathing exercises here
Yours for a healthy skin,
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