The Fountain of Youth is Within!

The Fountain of Youth is Within!

When we feel good and healthy, we look at our BEST!
It is no secret that stress accelerates aging, thus affecting our skin's appearance as well. That's why I often emphasize and share my personal experiences with techniques and holistic modalities that help address anxiety, frustrations, chronic stress, etc., which not only make us look older but, most of the time, ARE the underlying cause of almost all diseases.

In this short video, I introduce tuning forks as one of the sound therapy tools.

Everything is electric, including our body, and sound directly influences electricity. Sound is nothing more than vibration; it is all part of the electromagnetic spectrum, vibrating at different rates, or frequencies.

Learn more from the expert - Eileen Day McKusick, on her website and many educational YouTube videos. Eileen has spent over two decades studying the healing effects of tuning forks and created numerous sound therapy methods.

Eileen has discovered how to use tuning forks to modulate rhythms, patterns, and flows of our body's electrical system. This has a direct impact on not just the nervous system but the entire body. It happens because our body is transmitting electrical signals.

"Think about how energized you feel when you're listening to a song that makes you want to get up and dance: that's sound adding energy to your electric body, getting you all pumped up! Sound is constantly affecting how we feel, whether it is soothing sounds of nature or the cacophony of Times Square." - says Eileen McKusick in her book "Electric Body, electric Health" (Using the Electromagnetism within (and around) you to rewire, recharge, and raise your Voltage). I highly recommend you read this book.
From my heart to your health,
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