Today I am thankful for..

Today I am thankful for..

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the United States. This is a time when many of us reflect on all that we’re grateful for.

I’m grateful for you! Thank you for being part of this healthy life journey with me, and please stay tuned for an upcoming sale this weekend.

I am grateful for having a home, food on the table, eyes to see, legs to walk. I am also thankful for the opportunity to help others - the most vulnerable  - orphans and elderly in Ukraine who got caught up in the middle of the war in Ukraine since February. Many who can't leave the country gather at True Hope Base and receive food, shelter, and clothes.

As you may know, Ukraine is my home country where I was raised.

For several years, Vika's Essentials has supported True Hope, an Orphanage in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine. I have become good friends with Max and Amanda Fetisov, the founders and pastors of True Hope. Since February, living an everyday life has been replaced with madness. Explosions, sirens, and death...

Max and Amanda have decided to stay despite all the warnings and opportunities to flee. True Hope's brave team stands strong and continues to help and serve. They are real heroes and giants of faith.

Recently I received an update from the True Hope Ministry:

"Winter is quickly approaching which means temperatures are dropping both outside and inside homes in Ukraine. Most Ukrainians live in concrete apartment buildings heated by radiators controlled by the city government. Because of recent attacks on our energy grid (nearly 40% of our energy stations were damaged), the government has warned us to prepare for colder temperatures inside as well as rolling blackouts around the country. God is our only hope as we are unsure what these winter months will hold. We need your help to keep others warm! Our current goal is raise funds toward the purchase of generators. Each generator would cost around $800-$1500 and would be donated to churches and homes that can hold a larger number of people. This way, in case of loss of electricity, there would be places for people in the neighborhood to gather and stay warm.

We ask you to continue to pray for Ukraine and True Hope Ministry. Thank you!

Max & Amanda Fetisov"

Prayers and support have helped thousands of people during this difficult time. Even though you are far away, you can be a part of the True Hope team by raising funds to help orphans and the most vulnerable.

Please make your donation through "True Hope's" secure website by clicking the DONATE link below, or by sending a check to:

True Hope Ministry

505 Underwood Lane NW

St. Michael MN 55376





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