Vika’s Annual Organic Tomato Special.. A lifetime supply!

Vika’s Annual Organic Tomato Special.. A lifetime supply!


Imagine all these tomato plants grew from only SIX seeds planted last spring on our farm in northern Minnesota! As you see, we had a blast with our bumper crop! Do you want to receive a lifetime supply of organic tomatoes? Yes, a lifetime supply! Be patient; I will explain how : ) 

Starting on February 16, every Vika's Essentials order over $75 will receive a gift - a packet of my favorite organic heirloom tomato seeds for YOUR garden! 

Not all customers want tomatoes. Please write "Tomato Seeds" in the note section at checkout to indicate your wish to receive this gift. Hurry, supplies are limited, and shipping is FREE! This offer ends at midnight CST on March 10, 2023

Now put on your dancing shoes and watch this video!

These are the world's best homegrown heirloom tomatoes from a family-owned farm in Carmel, California. How do I know? My daughter Ruslana has been growing organic tomatoes from for years. In the picture is my grandson, little Leo 🥰

Ruslana supplies us with a windfall of tomatoes that two of us can't handle every year! We juice, dehydrate, and can them in mason jars. Even our workers, friends, and neighbors have a never-ending abundance of tomatoes during the season!


Too busy to can? Here is the simplest way to process a large quantity and store them over winter. Wash and cut tomatoes into chunks, and blend in a high-speed blender until smooth. Pour into plastic bottles and keep in your freezer. Indulge in excellent tomato juice for drinking or cooking! offers hundreds of varieties. I picked my favorites to include with your order. Why am I offering you seeds in February? Because it is the best month to start preparing tomato seeds to plant in the spring. Here are tips on starting and growing heirloom tomatoes. If you are a visual person, watch this Youtube video.

Didn't I promise you a lifetime supply of tomatoes? I wasn't exaggerating! This video guides you step by step on how to harvest tomato seeds for years to come correctly. Rome wasn't built in a day! 

Remember, the Tomato Seeds Special with complimentary shipping applies to orders over $75, and you must write "Tomato Seeds" in the note section at your checkout. 


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