Vika's Anniversary Sale!

Vika's Anniversary Sale!

Time truly flies! 13 years ago, on the remote Hawaiian island of Molokai, my husband and I laid the first brick in the foundation of Vika's Essentials - that brick is called "passion." Passion to nature and everything that nature offers us:

  • Marvelous aromas
  • The allure of medicinal plants and clays all over the world
  • Harnessing their healing magic 

The second brick was "desire." A burning desire to build something extraordinary. To help others with skin issues by creating products as pure as the morning dew, as fresh as an ocean breeze, and uplifting and joyful as a baby's smile. When developing my first product, "Raw Cream" (to this day is a best seller), I couldn't even dream about creating 30 other "babies" over the next 13 years!

Thank you for being our customers and supporting this research journey of our body's divine ability to heal using a holistic approach! 

Together we have created a beautiful organic line.

It's time to celebrate our 13th anniversary of clean BEAUTY! Please enjoy a 15% discount on the entire Vika's Essentials Skincare Collection! All you need to do is use promo code 13YEARS at your checkout.

Hurry! The offer expires at midnight (CST) on 2/28/2021.





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