Vika's Mission to Ukraine!

Vika's Mission to Ukraine!

In three weeks I am traveling with a mission group to Krivoy Rog, Ukraine.  As you may know from previous Newsletters my husband and I decided last year to make donations from Vika’s Essentials profits every month to children who have no parents.  We had no idea where to start.  We diligently searched online and prayed for help finding the right place.  Eventually, through very interesting "coincidences" we were introduced to Max Fetisov!

Max is the founder/director of True Hope Ukraine - A Christian orphanage in Krivoy Rog, only 3 hours away from my home town!

Last year we met Max and what we learned about "True Hope Ukraine" was profound!  We chose them for our monthly donations and decided to create a "mission" spreading their story here in America. 

Max founded True Hope when he was only eleven years old!  When he was 19 he became the first single parent ever allowed to adopt two children in Ukraine added even more in the years to come. 

True Hope provides much more than safe shelter and food.  As an attorney, Max helps those in need to restore legal identities. He also helps others to meet medical needs and receive needed disability benefits.  True Hope is building workshops and teaching trades that provide children with skills they need to work and earn money as they start their adult lives.  Without this help, what is waiting for them is human trafficking, drugs, poverty, and rejection...

Some people would call Max a Hero.  I call him a “Man with a Big Heart “.  He is a voice for the silent ones - the orphans.

We are excited that God led us to True Hope and that we may share the story.

One dollar goes a long way in Ukraine, $25 can buy many meals for orphans.  A $5 or $10 automatic monthly donation from many caring people would have a huge impact!

True Hope currently is renovating a 3-story building that will become the True Hope Center – a place where they can house, train, educate and provide work opportunities for aged-out orphans all under one roof.  For now, their transitional apartments are spread all over the city of Krivoy Rog, where they are based.  When renovations are done, the center will house 120 teens and young adults and will also offer training in different skills such as English, photography, computer programming, hairstyling, sewing and more!

Please take the time to view the link  and a  Youtube video to see how God is working in this poverty-stricken part of the world.

Your generosity enables us to continue to house, feed and educate these children.  Here is a link for your donation.

Together we can make a difference!

Love and blessings,


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