Vika's Q&A

Vika's Q&A

Part of our commitment to you is providing exceptional service, paying close attention to our customers' concerns or questions about using and storing products. So I thought bringing them up in a Newsletter will help you learn more about it.

Our regular customer Carlos asks: "Is it better that I leave the serum that I use in the fridge always? Or once I start using them, it's OK to leave them outside?"

V.~ It's OK to keep the serums you use daily in your bathroom. No refrigeration is needed. I only recommend refrigerating the serums which are not in use (for freshness).  Let's say you got some extra during the BOGO sale : )

"The "Facial Mask" I purchased a while ago is getting dry. What can I do to keep it wet?" 

V. ~ You can do a few things to keep "Moroccan Queen" Mask nice and wet. First of all, make sure that every time you use it, close the lid tightly. Second, keep it in the fridge since masks are NOT for daily use. It won't be inconvenient. I typically recommend using this product once a week for dryer skin and twice a week for oily. 

Qian asks: "I have a question about the makeup remover. Is this product gluten and soy-free?" 

V. ~ Pretty much all my products are soy-free and gluten-free with a few exceptions: organic vegetable glycerine is one of the ingredients in both Facial Washes (for dry and oily skin) is soy-derived, and also Sea Buckthorn Serum has a small amount of Wheat germ oil as one of the eight ingredients in it." 

"I noticed that there is Tocopherol (Vitamin E) in Raw Cream and some other products. Does the Tocopherol come from soy?"

V.~ No. My Tocopherol (Vitamin E) supplier is Eden Botanicals company. Their Vitamin E is derived from non-GMO sunflower seeds grown in Europe (Spain).

Jihui asks: "I have a question about the expiration date of the 3 products I purchased." 

V. ~ On each of my products, you will see a little white sticker with a batch number on each product that leaves our facility. We are a fully compliant GMP manufacture (GMP stands for "Good Manufacturing Practice" and is part of being USDA Certified Organic). One of the GMP requirements is tracking the source of materials we use as our ingredients and tracking each batch.

You will find the GMP coding system and learn when the product was produced on our website. A little opened jar on each product label (with the number 6 or 12) will tell you also when the product is best to be used: 6 or 12 months after opening, depending on its ingredients. 

Deb asks: "Is it OK to use an applicator in Cold Sore "TNT" directly on the sore spot, or do I need to use Q-tip every time I use the product?"

V. ~ The applicator is recommended because it only takes a few dabs to work to get the results. You can use a Q-tip, but it soaks up an excess product, and you will run out sooner!

Haley asks: "Is it OK to use Exfoliating Facial Scrub every day?"

V.~ It is something I would NOT recommend doing. It could be quite damaging, especially for sensitive skin. Even though I formulated this product for sensitive skin, my best recommendation is to use Exfoliating Scrub once a week for dry skin and 2-3 times for oily skin.

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